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How do people use Revolutionary Tracker in the real world?

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Different sizes.  Different styles.

Which one is you?

Who did we build this for?

From active seniors to those who find mobile technology too complex to use easily.  Our embedded firmware is flexible enough to meet your specific needs.  Children, special needs individuals, anyone  with disabilities or those living with cognitive impairment and even memory loss have all embraced our solution.


Custom hardware and software development that addresses the diverse spectrum of commercial and industrial needs.


Our solution integrates Samsung Gear S2 & S3 wearables, a robust and durable stand-alone smartwatch that works independently.   Fun to wear, intuitive to operate and easy to personalize, our customized devices embedded with our proprietary firmware are as fashionable and cool as you can get.   A simple approach to user-friendly that was designed with your needs in mind.



At Revolutionary Tracker, we offer cool wearable phones that can help connect you to family, friends and caregivers in a way never before possible.  It can be a great convenience, an essential safety device or just a better way to carry and use your most important and personal electronic accessory.

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Stay Safe and Connected - Easily & Stylishly

At Revolutionary Tracker, we believe that wearable technology should support and enhance your life with an aesthetically pleasing design and  simple to use.  You should feel as great wearing it as you do using it.  Live the life you want and deserve.