For Your Elderly Parent

The Scenario

Revolutionary Tracker has developed highly effective tools to keep track of your elderly parents as well as provide you with a simple communication device that will help to create a secure and comfortable environment for you and your loved ones

With an aging population outpacing the current birth rate and debilitating diseases like Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia affecting about one quarter of people over the age of 60,  the realities of physical and mental impairment are all around us. Seniors with cognitive impairment and memory loss from Dementia or Alzheimer’s can easily become confused or lost.

Our goal at Revolutionary Tracker is to offer families and caretakers of these seniors a simple but comprehensive communication device that will give them as well as their loved ones a comfort level which will be a life enriching experience for all

The Solution

Our solution starts with GPS devices that have been specially designed to address the needs of people that have some physical and/or mental disabilities. Seniors often find using standard cell phones very challenging. 

Losing and misplacing these devices can also prevent any meaningful utilization for location identification or communication. 

Our GPS-enabled personal locator includes an SOS button and with one simple motion they can be connected with their family member or caregiver.  If the situation requires, the device can be worn in a few different ways.

Our device can also offer another level of security to a senior in a medical or assisted living facility. Revolutionary Tracker offers many different options.

The GPS devices can be controlled from your smart phones, IPads or PCs.

Technical Features

  • Comprehensive network that links their GPS-enabled device to a caretaker’s smart phone or computer.

  • Real-time tracking with the ability to manually set up reporting intervals

  • Designation of “safety zones” so that a caretaker can be alerted when an elderly parent leaves the zone

  • Ability to monitor the senior's GPS device and listen in to their environment

  • Audio conversation via their GPS device and a caretaker’s smart phone

  • Two-way texting as an additional means of communication

  • A quick SOS button can be activated which sends a danger signal to their designated caretaker or first of kin.

  • If not acknowledged by the caretaker, the SOS will be sent to additional responsible parties including the law enforcement, medics, and E911

  • Single-button dialing to communicate with a designated caretaker/contact

  • Access to the Revolutionary Tracker network so that caregiver can determine the senior's location at all times. Map views and street views are instantly available

  • The report system can be managed completely with a single click and voice commands

  • Multiple seniors can be tracked and viewed at the same time

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