The world's first line of totally secure, stand-alone wearable GPS enabled smartphones for the family! Revolutionary Tracker is the Ultimate Family Awareness Solution      describe the image


Locate, listen, communicate with and protect your loved ones when they are out of sight.

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Revolutionary Tracker will contribute 5% of profits to selected charities.

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Our over-scheduled and highly demanding lifestyles can make being available to care and protect our loved ones challenging. Knowing where they are at all times can be daunting and you can’t protect them if you don't know where they are. The Revolutionary Tracker is  a wearable, one-touch, GPS-enabled smart phone companion supported by a powerful and intuitive interface displaying real-time information of your vulnerable family member's location and status; perfect for keeping track of children who are too young to carry a cell phone, long-distance seniors, the cognitively impaired and even pets!  

This ‘constant touch’ family location & communication ecosystem is unrivaled in sophistication and ease-of use.  Colorful watches, wearable necklaces, and snap-on solutions for everything from baby carriages to belt loops, sport a one-button SOS command that initiates instant two-way communication, with a ‘Bully-Buster” feature that allows caregivers to listen-in, remotely, to what’s happening in their loved one’s environment.  The RT family tracking management system allows you to track multiple family members with ease from your computers, tablets, and smartphones.  

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How Our Solutions Will Benefit Your Family

You now have the capability to keep track and communicate with your loved ones at a level never before possible. With this new view of your world, you are making your family safer as you participate in a revolution that makes your world a more connected and secure place.

For Your Child

For Your Elderly Parent

For Your Pet

Stay in constant touch with your children whether you are a few feet away or even hundreds of miles apart.

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Track and communicate with the senior in your life -- especially those with cogntive impairment or a tendancy to wander. Make them only a click away from you and emergency services.

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Your pet is a family member too! We have the premier device to keep track of your beloved animal and locate them in an instant if they stray or get lost.

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Commercial Application

With a tracking management platform in place, our enterprise solutions will change the way companies communicate and do business.
Here are some examples where our solutions may benefit you:

  • School field trips and off campus activities
  • Amusement Parks, sports arenas and carnival settings
  • High risk situations where instant communication and tracking is needed
  • Tracking remote and mobile employees working in potentially dangerous environments
  • Supervising and monitoring people in healthcare and rehab scenarios
  • Tracking a group of workers and social groups
  • Tracking people or groups at a national level

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